20 Minnie Mouse Nail Designs


If you liked our best Mickey Mouse nails, you’ll also love our Minni Mouse nail designs!

If you love Disney and this iconic mouse, you’ll totally enjoy our latest collection. Minnie Mouse is so easily recognizable with her signature looks — the red and white polka dots, the huge bow on top of her head, and even the yellow heels with matching red ribbons.

Did you know that Minnie was designed as a flapper girl? This explains the black stockings and the short flapper dress with patched knickers.

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Overall, this Minnie Mouse art makes it so easy to translate to super cute nail art. You can copy the black and white polka dots, use her ribbon as an accent, or use Minnie Mouse decals on your nails. Just check out our 20 Minnie Mouse nails for design ideas!

19Colorful and Joyful Minnie Mouse Nails

Photo Credit: nailbees