30 Creative Nail Art for Toes

by Rose Walker

NailDesigners, we always feature great designs for our hands, but what about nail art for toes?

Prettifying our toenails is perfect for a boring winter day cooped up at home, or a warm day where you’ll be wearing sandals or peep-toe shoes. You can choose to either match your fingernail art with your toenail designs, or go nude and simple with your fingernail art and let your toe designs do the talking.

30 Creative Nail Art for Toes

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Nail art for toes is different from nail art for fingers. This is mainly because the shape and sizes of our toenails are different from our fingernails. And yet, there are many creative and resourceful designs that make best use of this short and wider canvass space.

Just check out our collection below to see what we mean! You’ll be inspired to start doing nail art for your own toes once you see these awesome designs.

28. Dotted and Striped with Hearts

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