40 Nail Designs with Glitter and Bling


Nude nails and simple nails are great for everyday wear. However, there are days where we just need the sparkling bling of nail designs with glitter.

Nail designs with glitter can be quite uplifting. If you’re in a funk, glitter-tipped nails are exactly what you need. Glitter solves everything! Gloomy days, cloudy mornings, an unlucky day, or a boring week, nail polish with glitter can help you shake off the blues.

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Now, there are many types of nail polish with glitter. For one, the glitter can be different colors. The most common are silver and gold glitter specks. Another thing is the size of the glitter. Some are very fine while some are quite big and serve as accents almost. And finally, some have round shaped glitter bits while some have unusual shapes like squares.

If you’ve never noticed before, check out our collection below and see how each nail polish is different. You’ll also get to witness the different creative designs you can do with a bottle of sparkly nail polish.

40Sparkly Silvery Gold with Green Nails

Photo Credit: apolishaddict