40 Nail Designs with Glitter and Bling


Nude nails and simple nails are great for everyday wear. However, there are days where we just need the sparkling bling of nail designs with glitter.

Nail designs with glitter can be quite uplifting. If you’re in a funk, glitter-tipped nails are exactly what you need. Glitter solves everything! Gloomy days, cloudy mornings, an unlucky day, or a boring week, nail polish with glitter can help you shake off the blues.

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Now, there are many types of nail polish with glitter. For one, the glitter can be different colors. The most common are silver and gold glitter specks. Another thing is the size of the glitter. Some are very fine while some are quite big and serve as accents almost. And finally, some have round shaped glitter bits while some have unusual shapes like squares.

If you’ve never noticed before, check out our collection below and see how each nail polish is different. You’ll also get to witness the different creative designs you can do with a bottle of sparkly nail polish.

40Sparkly Silvery Gold with Green Nails

Photo Credit: apolishaddict

39Neon Ombre in Chevron Nail Design

Photo Credit: ideastand 

38Gold Glitter and Black Prom Nail Design

Photo Credit: ideastand 

37Heart Pink with Stripe in Pink Nails

Photo Credit: lisawola

Breaking Glass Inspired Nail Design

Photo Credit: stylemotivation

36Silver Bow with Rhinestones in Pink Nail

Photo Credit: ideastand

35Crystal Bow and Pink Chevron Nail Art

Photo Credit: paulinaspassions

34Animal Print Glitter Nail Art Design on Top of a Gradient Inspired Polish in Pink

Photo Credit: cuded

33Mosaic Themed Glitter Nail Art Designed in Rose Details

Photo Credit: cuded

32Pretty Glitter Nail Art Details on the Top of White and Pink Matte Polishes

Photo Credit: cuded

31Animal Print Glitter Nail Art in Pink Glitter and Black and White Polish Topped with Black Beads

Photo Credit: cuded

30Mermaid Inspired in Starfish with Shell Nail Art

Photo Credit: daily_charme

29Holographic Nail Art

Photo Credit: anailzing

28Right Angle Nail Stencils

Photo Credit: snailvinyls

27Black Silver Nails with Rhinestones

Photo Credit: badgirlnails

26Whiter Pink and Gold Glitter Polish

Photo Credit: askideas

25Seashells Nail Design

Photo Credit: stephs_nails 

24Mermaid Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: decorateddigits 

23Candy Colored Glitter Inspired Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: cuded

22Acrylic Nail Designs with Glitter

Photo Credit: industriet 

21Silvery Tips French Party Nails

Photo Credit: favnails 

20Diamond and Swirl Shape Nail

Photo Credit: cuded 

19Pastel Colored Glitter Nail Design

Photo Credit: prettydesigns

18Part Glitter in Orange Nails

Photo Credit: inkyournail 

17Sparkly French Tip Nails

Photo Credit: nails8

16Green Blue Glitter Nail Polish

Photo Credit: nailnerd

15Perfect Match of Blue and Gold Nails

Photo Credit: goodhousekeeping

14Classic Looking Light Green Polish and Silver Glitter Nail Art

Photo Credit: cuded 

Glitter and Colorful Spaikes Nail Design

Photo Credit: stayglam 

13Blue and White Flower Glitter Nail Design

Photo Credit: prettydesigns 

12Elegant Blue Nails

Photo Credit: iflyrice.wordpress 

11Silver Blue Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Photo Credit: askideas

10Pink and Silver Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: pinterest 

9Glittery Acrylic Nail Design

Photo Credit: nailarts 

8Neon Glitter Nail Design

Photo Credit: shortnaildesigns

7Nude Nail Design

Photo Credit: bmodish

6Dark Color Nails

Photo Credit: helensstyle 

5Best Pink in Acrylic French Tip Nail Design

Photo Credit: nailsusa

4Multi Colorured Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: naildesignsforyou 

3Gray and Green Glitter Nail Design for Short Nails

Photo Credit: prettydesigns 

2Cracking Egg Nail Art

Photo Credit: tomisaki 

1Gorgeous Pink and Gold Nails

Photo Credit: askideas