40 Fun New Years Nails Design

by Zel

New Year’s Day comes only once a year so what better way to celebrate than to paint our nails with New Year’s nail design.

When one thinks of New Year, one automatically thinks of fireworks. So, one obvious design for a New Year’s theme is to make use of firework nail art. We have some really creative firework art in our collection below. We have a design in sparkly gold and black nail polish with depictions of fireworks and toasting champagne glasses as accents.

40 Fun New Years Nails Design

More abstract are a simple black background tipped with glitter nail polish. Although no fireworks are drawn, just looking at this design reminds you of exploding fireworks in the night sky.

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Other New Year’s nails design are greetings. These are more difficult but done right, they’re the perfect celebratory design. After all, just having people look at your nails already gives them an instant Happy New Year greeting.

Our favorite though is neither the firework art or the greeting design. Rather, it’s the lucky fortune cat. So cute!

Check out the rest of our picks in our collection below.

40. Champagne Glass in New Year Nail Design

Photo Credit: Jackie18g


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