Easy Peasy Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial Anyone Can Do


Newspaper nail art is probably one of the easiest nail designs you can make. In fact, anyone can recreate this design- even beginners!

Unlike marble nails and other intricate nail designs, this newspaper nail art doesn’t take a lot of time, effort or even materials. You don’t even need to have great creative skills just to pull this one off.


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What You’ll Need:

1Apply your base coat.

A base coat is an essential part of a picture perfect nail design. You can think of it as a double-sided sticky tape.

It sticks to your nails as well as the polish you apply on top of it. This gives your polish the flexibility it needs to move as your nails bend. As a result, your polish is less likely to chip that fast.

A good base coat can help protect your nails, too. It prevents staining, particularly if you’re going to use dark colored polishes.

2Paint your nails with a light gray nail polish.

To create that perfect first layer of color, dip the brush first into the polish get enough product. Pull the brush out of the tube while wiping the brush on the rim of the bottle. Do the same thing to the other side of the brush.

Start applying your nail polish at the cuticle. Press the brush against your nail so that it fans out. Then, slowly drag the brush towards the tip of your nail. Do it on both sides of your nail first before coating the center part. This way, you’ll get an even layer of polish.

Continue working on the rest of your nails. Make sure they are completely dry before doing the next step.

3Pour some alcohol into a small container and dip your nails there for about 5 seconds.

This step is to prepare your nails for the newspaper transfer.

4Take a small piece of newspaper and press it firmly on your nail.

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Make sure the newspaper cut-outs are small enough to fit your nails.

Press them for about 15 seconds. After that time, you can slowly peel off the newspaper.

5Take a cotton swab soaked with nail polish remover and use it to clean the areas around your nails.

6Apply a top coat.

This will prevent the newspaper design from rubbing off. Apart from that, your top coat can also give your nails some shine.

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