30 Subtle Nude Nail Ideas

by Shirlyn

For all ladies out there who had their nails polished hundreds of times already ever since they knew about nail polishing, were you came to a point that you’re tired of seeing colors on your nails yet you need to do something about it for it not to be dull? I’m pretty sure you already had that experience and I believed you have tried going nude, what I mean with that is the way nails are polished not you girls taking off clothes.

Nude nail design have been a known design option to women who just want to protect their nails from going brittle by applying colorless to very light pastel polishes into it. Now, like you getting tired of the colors, nude nails become too boring after quite some time, that you don’t have a choice but to go back to colors. This is so true to all ladies, because we are designed to be fickle-minded when it comes to our own looks.

30 Subtle Nude Nail Ideas

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Do not worry though since there is now a way to get away with the colors and go nude and won’t feel bored with it even for a long time. Apply art into it. Nude nail art is adding subtle accessories into nude nails, creating an entirely new experience and glam. We have some samples below for you ladies to check out. Not only these nails look good on any occasion, it also provide a good feeling to yourselves not worrying about bland or dull nails ever.



30. Metallic Geometry On Nude Nails

Image Credit: Cuded


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