30 Nude Nails Ideas

by Shirlyn

There are certain fashion efforts in this world that even with the changing times, these “constants” will never lose its fame and will always be in demand. Some of these are the red lipstick, the black dress, the pearl necklace, and the long straight hair.

As for the nails, there is also a specific design that if a lady gets tired of colors and art, she can choose this design and be worry-free. Nude nails are nails that are polished with flesh, peach, or light brown shades that if you just get a glimpse of it, it looks like the nails are bare. The best thing about nude art designs is that not only it provides a clean and uniform shade for the nails, it can also be a good base for gemstone accessories.

30 Nude Nails Ideas

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Subtle, simple, yet very elegant, nude nails are definitely the design for all seasons. We have the most inspiring nude nail art designs today which you ladies can easily replicate. Enjoy the collection!

30. Embossed Ornate Nude Nails

Image Credit: Best Art Nails


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