40 Best Easter Nail Art To Spruce Up Your Manicure

Aside from how Christians celebrate Easter through Easter Sunday, another famous way to celebrate the holiday is how Americans do it. Easter celebration in the US involves the hiding of colorful eggs and the introduction of the Easter bunny. Both the colo... [read more]

40 Enticing Accent Nail Design

In almost all design themes we already shared in this website and even those which are still not, options start from the simplest up to the most outrageous. Usually, the simplest design options are just plain colors carefully chosen to jive with the theme... [read more]

The Best Cuticle Lotion: 4 Products to Add to Your Nail Care Routine

Nothing feels as luxurious like having your nails done. But, getting a manicure and a pedicure isn’t just about painting your nails. Your cuticles should be treated, too, to make sure your nails remain healthy as they grow out. Caring for your cuticles do... [read more]

30 Earth Tones Nail Design For Every Occasion

Nail art, like all other forms of art out there, is first and foremost, an outlet to express one’s current emotions. One of the obvious indications of what mood the owner is at the moment is the nail colors he/she is wearing. There are colors that signify... [read more]

The Benefits of Nail Care (and How to Take Care of Nails at Home)

Your nails are one of those things that can say a lot about you. Though small, your nails can say something about your personality, your beauty standards, and even your personal hygiene. But still, they’re probably the ones you often ignore. You may think... [read more]

Gel Nails vs Shellac: Which One Should You Choose?

Most girls spend a lot of time doing their nails. No, it isn’t just because painting them makes them look pretty. It’s a time to pamper ourselves, too, and sometimes an escape from this stressful world. If you love doing things to your nails, you’re proba... [read more]

40 Pin-Ready Nails For Your Next Manicure Appointment

In the past years, people usually look into design options printed on papers and compiled into a portfolio. Nowadays, with the advent and influence of the internet, the people of the world can just open apps on mobiles and PC, visit design or social media... [read more]

The Best Nail Glue Every Nail Junkie Must Have

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11 Easy Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is a habit most children and teenagers are guilty of. If you’re an adult who still bites his nails, it probably started when you were younger and just didn’t know how to stop. It can sometimes be a sign of mental or emotional stress. This is u... [read more]

30 Fun Nail Art For Everyone

When you think about the combination of art and fashion to things, fun will always come out as one of the expectations from whatever that comes out of it. We believe that a person can never flaunt his own style or fashion confidently if that person does n... [read more]