30 Lovable Peony Nails

by Shirlyn

A lot of flower species were already considered as design subjects for nail arts and most of them are those that we are all familiar of. When searching for a particular one for today’s post, I stumbled into peonies.

Peony nail art is definitely not one of the most familiar yet when you see the samples today, you guys will agree that its one of the most beautiful. Not all people know what a peony is though they may have seen the flower itself a couple of times in their lives. Personally, I see peonies as intermediate between a rose and a tulip. In nail art, peonies are probably chosen because of its thick petal system which provides colored art to the nails. Peonies also come in different colors so a couple of nail art designs can be created from it.

30 Lovable Peony Nails

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Browse through the a couple of peony nail art designs we scoured from the social media and personal blog sites Check out the designs very thoroughly for you guys to know what exactly made peonies one of the best designs for nails out there.


30. Spring Peony Nails

Image Credit: Daily Charme


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