30 Fearless Pointed Nail Designs


Although Halloween has already gone by, this next nail art post that I will be sharing with you ladies today is just as scary and awesome. Have you ever saw the nails of a dreadful witch? Yes, that will be my topic for today. Just kidding. That would be inappropriate in all chances however, I would love to share something similar though.

Check out the cool pointed nail designs I scoured from the World Wide Web. The wedging of the nail tips maybe popularized by the witches, well at least in the movies, but these technique is actually a legit fad for nail art. Since the design topic is with the shaping of the nails, then the options for polishes and designs on the nail itself are open for all. Samples include simple color combos, glittered, jeweled, and accessorized. Depending on the personality and preference of the wearer, pointed nail arts can be a lethal accessory for someone’s fashion.

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Pointed nail designs are great for ladies who are fierce and fabulous. If you ladies out there want something unique for your nails, making it pointed and stud it with style may be an option for you. You ladies may never know, the edges may be of great use if situation calls for it.


30Striped French Tips

Image Credit: Cuded