40 Polka Dot Nails

by Rose Walker

Happy Day, NailDesigners! Today’s nail art design is very special — polka dot nails.

Now, we love polka dots on an instinctive level but you’ll love them even more once we reveal all this fun trivia we collected about polka dots.

40 Polka Dot Nails

Have you heard of Beau Brummel? He’s an English dandy and an iconic figure who started the trend for dotted fashion like dotted scarves and bow ties. The ladies followed suit and it became the rage.

The song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” may enrage the hearts of feminists, but it cemented the status of polka dots in popular culture. And as if that wasn’t enough, Walt Disney chose to dress the lovable Minnie Mouse in a darling red polka dot dress.

There are a lot more interesting polka dot lovers in pop culture. For one, there’s the DC supervillain Polka Dot Man who battled it out with Batman. And there’s the equally interesting Japanese artist and writer Yayoi Kusama who was dot-crazy in more ways than one. Dots became the centerpiece of her art and she covered all surfaces with polka dots including her naked assistants calling them her “infinity nets”. Now out of the mental hospital she checked herself into, she still produces her works to this day talking of how her love for the art has saved her life.

So here’s the best way to commemorate this life-saving and oh-so-fashionable polka dot — by having it on your nails. Check out all the best polka dot designs we collected for you!

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39. Glossy Polka Dots in Brown Theme Nails

Photo Credit: theworldlyrics


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