30 Pretty Pink Nails

by Shirlyn

This next post is all about the color which I deeply love, pink. Pink is cute, girly, and kind. The color exudes a feeling of pure happiness and youthfulness which I think all people really wants right now, living in this fast-paced, very demanding world.

Nails with pretty pink designs are mostly evident with young ladies. However, the mature ones are not prohibited in getting such that is why more and more of them are actually enjoying and sharing their own experiences. Since this is all about creating art on nails, polishing the nails with the color pink is obviously not enough. Nails should have designs painted over the pink base or the pink color is the design color itself. Nails can also be glittered or accessorized to create uniqueness and statements.

30 Pretty Pink Nails

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Pretty pink nails are nail art designs which I can confidently say that is safe for everyone. The color does not dictate one-sided feedback coming from the public nor is exclusive to a particular set of people. It is pure non-discriminating beauty that is meant to be experienced by everyone. Check out the samples and indulge.


30. Silver Glitters On Pink Nails

Image Credit: Wedding Chicks


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