30 Must-Have Purple Nail Polish Colors


Ladies, don’t you agree that purple nail polish is a must-have in our nail polish cabinet?

If you take a peek at our nail polish collection, you’d find out that we have a gazillion shades of this color. And why not? It’s as womanly as red but more restrained. It’s as elegant as gold but less flashy. And it’s also mysterious and alluring at the same time.

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We love purple nail polish colors because of the amazing array of shades and textures. There’s lavender, plum, royal violet,and lilacs. And you can get these colors in matte, gloss, pastels, smoky, glitter, and metallics. You can go from a deep deep lavender to light purple nails.

Check out our purple color samples below and start shopping for your favorite tints.

29 A Gorgeous Purple Bow Polish Nail

Photo Credit: Chrissys_lackwahnsinn