40 Flamboyant Red and Gold Nails


If you liked our black and red nail designs from before, then you’ll also love our new fierce combination — Red and Gold nails.

This color combination is not for the faint of heart. You have to be sassy, confident, and very womanly to pull off this extravagant combination.

If black and red nails are somewhat edgy, and white and gold nails are high fashion, red and gold nails in the meantime evoke old world elegance and flamboyance. Be ready to catch people’s attention if you’re wearing this dangerous combination on your nails.

For this combo, you can use gel or acrylic nail polish. You can use deep red or bright red nail colors. You can even add more flair by using gold glitter or flakes.
Check out our designs below for inspiration.

39Classy Gold Heart Nail Design

Photo Credit: paulinaspassions

38Pretty Nail Design

Photo Credit: stayglam

37Half Gold and Red Nail Design

Photo Credit: idolwhitefaq

36Cackle Red and Gold Nail Design

Photo Credit: picrevise

35Earthy Gold Snowflake in Red Nails

Photo Credit: bmodish

34Attractive Red and Gold Nail Design

Photo Credit: cutenail

33Glitzy Rose Lace in Dark Red Nails

Photo Credit: nailpolis

32Adorned Nail Design

Photo Credit: nailstyling

31Gold Butterfly Nail Design

Photo Credit: buzzle

30Red Nail Art in Gold Nails

Photo Credit: copycatclaws

29Crackle Nail Design

Photo Credit: aelida

28Chinese Dragon Nail Style

Photo Credit: sassyshelly

27Gold Born Pretty Stamping Nails

Photo Credit: aliexpress

26Golden Stamping Manicure

Photo Credit: valenspervoi

25Lady Chic Nail

Photo Credit: dreamboxgate

24Chinese Style Nails

Photo Credit: worldnailsample

23Giggling Gold in Red Nails

Photo Credit: fmag

22Dazzling Gold Glitters in Red Nails

Photo Credit: fashionlady

21Red White and Gold Chevron Nail Art

Photo Credit: nailsbycambria

20Pretty Gold Lace in Red Nails

Photo Credit: nailitmag

19Gold Bow in Red French Tip Nail Design

Photo Credit: lulus

18Simple Gold French Tip Nails

Photo Credit: picrevise

17Pretty Gold Nail Art in Red Nails

Photo Credit: sonailicious

16Red and Gold Nail Art with Caviar Beads Design

Photo Credit: askideas

15Humble Red amp Gold Nail Art

Photo Credit: nailartgallery

14Waterfalls into Sparkling Heart Shape Nail

Photo Credit: slodive

13Chuckle Gold Nail Art in Red Nails

Photo Credit: askideas

12Sniffle Simple Nail with Gold Art

Photo Credit: naildesignsforyou

11Gold Rush and Red Chinese New Year Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: eventzim

10Red and Gold in Stiletto Nail

Photo Credit: fabnailartdesigns

9Rhinestones in Coffin Shape Nail

Photo Credit: ale_nails

8Swanky Gold Nail Art in Red Nails

Photo Credit: askideas

7Red with Gold Tip Nail Design

Photo Credit: nailartstyle

6Bleak Red and Gold Nail Design

Photo Credit: fashionforlife

5Red Nails with Gold Glitter Tip Nail

Photo Credit: julep

4Divested Polka Dots Nails

Photo Credit: nailpolis

3Red and Gold Polka Dots with Heart Shape Nails

Photo Credit: emmamereta

2Japanese Neko Floral Red Black Gold Nail Art

Photo Credit: blingup.storenvy

1Stark Chevron Zombie Blood and Revlon Golden Nail

Photo Credit: adornedclaw