30 Seductive Red Nails


Nothing spells W-O-M-A-N like bright and deep red nails.

If you want a strong and womanly nail design, choose from our collection of beautiful red nails. Now, before you go looking for designs, make sure you acquire the perfect shade of red that you need.

There are many different shades and hues of red. After all, red nail polish just might be the most purchased color in the market. It is universally glamorous and stunning. The opposite sex is naturally attracted to this color.

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Did you know? When you paint your nails red, you automatically feel more confident and your gestures become more feminine.

Now, to create seductive red nails, make sure to choose the perfect shade of red for your nail design. Some reds are bright. Some are deep. And of course, you get different effects with sparkles, glitter, and velvet.

Check out our awesome collection below to see which shades of reds are perfect for each design.

29Amazing Stripes and Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: sonailicious