15 Awesome Sagittarius Nails You Can Easily Do At Home


If you’re bored of your usual nail design, today’s collection of awesome Sagittarius nails can bring back the spice to your life.

Sagittarius loves freedom. People born under this sign love to travel and expose themselves to new destinations and cultures. They like to wander around and search for the meaning of life.

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Sagittarius-born people possess great curiosity and sense of humor. They are extroverts who feel at ease with changes. Possessing a strong enthusiasm, they will do everything just to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, this can translate to being overconfident and committing mistakes in the end.

Sagittarius Zodiac Nail Art in Blue

Photo Credit: nailwish

Sagittarius in Brown Nails

Photo Credit: blogspot

Rainbow Arrow Sagittarius Inspired

Photo Credit: teenvogue

Purple Artwork Sagittarius Inspired

Photo Credit: hairmag

Sagittarius Art Design in Blue Nails

Photo Credit: MiLy Ploz

Sagittarius Birthday Mani Nail Art

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Sultry Sagittarius Nails

Photo Credit: lacqueredlawyer

Firing Fierce Sagittarius in Black Glittery

Photo Credit: Melissa Figueroa

Galaxy Sagittarius Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: Hannah Cole

Cool Constellation Nails

Photo Credit: lacqueredlawyer

Sagittarius Nail Art in Light Blue

Photo Credit: HomesTrendy

Sagittarius Art Purple Nails

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Nail Art Sticker Water Transfer Decal 94

Photo Credit: etsy

Bubbly Nails with Sun Moon and Sagittarius

Photo Credit: popsugar

Sagittarius Nail Decal Viny Nail

Photo Credit: etsy