21 Impressive Scorpio Nails You’ll Totally Adore


Mysterious and strong-willed.

Those are two words that perfectly describe Scorpio-born people. They have a really magnetic charm that’s a bit hard to ignore. They are passionate and incredibly faithful.

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Another thing that’s special about Scorpios is that they are independent. They are power hungry and really ambitious. They will work hard to get anything they want and they won’t stop until they achieve that.

Now, are you ready for some Scorpio nails to complete your look?

Let’s get started.

Scorpio with Leopard Nails

Photo Credit: kelsiesnailfiles

Pretty Scorpio in Glittery Nail Design

Photo Credit: scorpioseason

Cool Blue Nails with Scorpion

Photo Credit: ipsy

Astrology Symbol Black Water Decals

Photo Credit: etsy

Scorpion in Word in Blue Glittery

Photo Credit: naileddaily

Real Deadly Scorpion In Pink Nail

Photo Credit: ODN

Scorpio Nail Art in Glittery Red

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Fat Scorpion Nail Art Decals

Photo Credit: yrnails

Scorpio Sign In Red and Green

Photo Credit: Só Esmaltes

Scorpion Glittery Nail Polish

Photo Credit: polishthosenails

Mexico Nail Style with Scorpion

Photo Credit: nailartdazzle

Scorpio Water Decals Nail

Photo Credit: nailartgallery

Gluing Dead Scorpions Nails

Photo Credit: dailymail

Beautiful Floral Nails with Scorpio Nail Design

Photo Credit: polish-addicted

Scorpio Constellation Art Astrology Nail Art

Photo Credit: chicnailstyles

Framboise Nail Art Stamping with Scorpion

Photo Credit: framboisenailart

Scorpion in Violet Nails

Photo Credit: boondynails

Brown Nails with Scorpio

Photo Credit: Destiny Cox

 Scorpio Galaxy Nails with Gel Polish

Photo Credit: chicnailstyles

Little Scorpion Mani

Photo Credit: sloppyswatches

Scorpion Nails

Photo Credit: DjNadia Boom