40 Simple Nail Art Designs for Nail Enthusiasts


Nail fanatics, do you want simple nail art designs that look sophisticated and complicated?

If you’re a nail art veteran who’s been playing around with nail designs for years now, you’ll find the below designs easy peasy. There are no nail art accessories on most of these designs and the art is mostly done on almond nails. The beauty of the designs is what makes the whole nail art stand out instead.

If you’re a beginner though, you might find some of these designs a bit too complex. Instead, check out our easy nail designs for beginners or these simple nail designs for short nails. You might be a beginner now, but soon you’ll be graduating to claw nails and bejeweled nail designs.

Check out our design collection below and see which ones you want to replicate ASAP!

40Pretty Stripes and Negative Style Nail Art

Photo Credit: svesty