50 Crystalline Snowflake Nail Design Ideas

by Rose Walker

Happy Holidays, NailDesigners! Are you ready for some beautiful snowflake nail design ideas?

Nature is the greatest artist and snowflakes are one of her most amazing creations. Snowflake patterns are just endless as almost no two snowflakes are alike. Did you know that the largest snowflake on record fell in 1887 in Montana and it measured 15 inches! And just to give perspective, around 1 septillion ice crystals fall from the sky each winter in the US. Now that’s a lot of snowflakes!

50 Crystalline Snowflake Nail Design Ideas

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You can keep all that interesting trivia in mind the next time you hunt up a good snowflake pattern for your nails. Without any more ado, here are 50 of the best snowflake designs that we’ve collected for you.

Check out the beautiful nail polish colors used including blues, whites, and even reds. See how each snowflake nail design gives off a different feel.

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49. Red Hot Chic Nails

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