30 Spring Color Nails You Should Try Out


Friends, be inspired by these refreshing and exciting spring color nails.

When you’re all bundled up in big boots, chunky sweaters, and blocky mittens, it feels like it’s going to be wintry cold forever. This is exactly when you should fill your spirit with positive thoughts. Close your eyes and imagine warm sunshine on your skin, the chirping of birds on the trees, the warm wafting of a summer breeze, and most importantly (at least for us nail fanatics), your beautiful spring color nails in tandem with your spring outfit.

What are the colors of spring? What nail polish colors should you be preparing?

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Darker shades of green like teal and forest green are great shades to ease into. Your nails will be echoing the new leafy canopy of the trees around you.

Shades of blue are also a wonderful shade to celebrate spring with. Check out ‘Boho Blues’ and ‘Come Rain or Shine’ from China Glaze, and ‘What’s with the Cattitude’ by OPI.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have our warm colors like pinks, lavenders, and peach nails. Have fun with vivid colors like OPI’s ‘Go with the Lava Flow’ or be sweetly feminine with China Glaze’s Peachy Polish.

Spring is a beautiful warm season so celebrate with fashionable spring nails! Check out our collection below.

30OPI My Private Jet ‘Grape Fizz’ Nails

Photo Credit: grapefizz