38 Dazzling Star Nails


Nails if polished and very well taken care of, usually ends up being the spotlight of your fashion, especially for the ladies. Because of where it is located, nails are very difficult to miss out if you’re one of the viewing public.

In show business, those that are used to the limelight and those that are very famous are called by their fans and the world as stars. For polished nails that are always on the spotlight, what more could make them shine more than star-inspired designs? Now, usually star designs are created over a very dark background, preferably black. This is one of those instances that black polish really looks good for the bearer. Once the base polish is decided, stars are painted like sparkling gems much like the real ones when you’re looking at a clear night sky.

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Star nail art is not limited by dark base designs though, owners can still dictate what style they want their stars to be. For more samples, you may check out today’s portfolio of amazing star nail art designs that are showcased on the web. Enjoy everyone!


38Cosmic Stars On Matte Black Nails

Image Credit: Idea Stand