25 Striped Nail Designs


Nail art design feature today is all about an old school technique that still creates an impact to art and fashion.

Stripes was introduced into fashion about late 1950’s while in art was way way older than that. Since then, this technique always shows up in galleries and fashion shows and still steals crowds as it rides along the trend whenever the era is.

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In the advent of novel, radical, and free thinking movement, where there is harmony between the modern arts and modern fashion, artists still pay homage to stripes. As a matter of fact, in nail art designing, there is a thick design portfolio with stripes as the technique employed. Stripe design is all about color and contrast which creates a moving art experience that deceives the eyes. Check out the various samples we have gathered from different social media sites which have pages that are celebrating art through nail polishing.

25Diagonal Striped Blue Nails

Image Credit: Ideas For Beauty Pic