Easy Striped Nail Tutorial You Need To Do ASAP


Tired of the usual opaque nail polishes?

This easy striped nail tutorial is a fun break from your usual nail designs. It’s super easy to recreate and with just a few materials, you’ll be able to rock cool patterned nails.

The best part about this design?

It’s pretty cheap. You won’t have to burn holes in your wallet just to recreate it.

Watch the Video

See exactly how it’s done with these step by step instructions.

What you need:


1Apply a base coat.

If you love nail polishes, you shouldn’t skip this important step. A base coat helps protect your skin and nails from turning yellow. You can think of it as a barrier. It prevents your nail polish from actually getting in contact with your nails. A base coat also allows your nail polish to last longer than usual.

2Take a pale pink nail polish and use it as your base color.

Get a decent-sized bead of nail polish at the tip of your brush. Start applying at the base of your nails then stroke the brush to the right, left and center. You’ll need just three strokes for that perfect base color.

3Apply liquid latex around your nails

Brush the product around your cuticles. This product will help make cleanup a lot easier after. Just make sure that you allow it to dry first before proceeding to the next step.

4Get a makeup sponge and brush some of the pale pink nail polish on it. Now, take a baby blue nail polish and do the same.

This step is what will create the gradient effect on your nails.

5Sponge the polishes on your nails using a gentle pressing motion.

Your first application may not give off intense color right away. To achieve your desired intensity, brush another layer of the polishes on the sponge and repeat the process.

6Take off the liquid latex and allow everything to dry.

Liquid latex can be removed by peeling it off of the skin. Slowly lift one edge and pull the latex slowly.

7Once your nails are dry, apply a fast drying top coat.

It will act as a protective barrier to keep your base color from chipping and fading. It helps prepare the nails for the stripes, too.

8Apply a new layer of liquid latex around your cuticles.

9Apply a few pieces of striping tape vertically on your nails.

Make sure there’s an equal space between the tapes.

10Get your makeup sponge and brush the same colors you used earlier. Sponge the polishes on your nails but, this time, make sure the colors are reversed.

If you applied the first layer with the pink polish near the base, apply this new layer with the pink polish near the tip of your nails.

11Carefully peel off the tapes as well as the liquid latex.

12To clean up any mess, take a small-tipped brush dipped in nail polish remover and gently swipe it around your nails.

13Finish your design by applying a top coat.

This will help ensure that your nails get a long-lasting shine. A top coat also helps prevent chipping and fading.

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