30 Swirl Nail Art

by Shirlyn

There are many known lineworks out there that are commonly used for art. Of course we have the straight lines such as stripes, the wavy lines, and the zigzags. Though these forms of lines are essentials to create an art, having one alone does not seem to translate what an art should supposed to be and that is to amaze the public and to express the artists’ emotions. Luckily, there is one type of linework that in itself creates a story and fascination even with its simplest form, and this is the swirls.

Swirls are usually associated with known things like ocean waves, ripples, water marble, wind, and the thing you see when someone is being hypnotized by a weird instrument. Because of its simplicity and meanings, these line type are often used in nail art. The size of the nail is not a problem to an artist rendering a simple swirl design. The rendered swirls can be further enhanced by adding glitters or shiny stickers on it to create a 3D effect. Applying compliment-contrast technique to the polishes used makes the swirl designs pop out or blend into the base polish.

30 Swirl Nail Art

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Check out and try the 30 Swirl Nail Art samples we have for you guys below. Swirl nail art may be simple to do but rest assured, it will be totally rad and trendy for you.


30. Subtle Swirl Designs On Pink And Gray Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest


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