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50 Cute Animal Nails

Rose Walker

Fashion girls, if you like cutesy and whimsical stuff, you will like these animal nails. We’ve got your favorite animals like cats, puppies, pigs, bears, and pandas. We’ve even got more exotic animals like snakes, jellyfishes, and flamingos. See Also: Pan... [read more]

40 Creative Animal Print Nail Art To Inspire You

Shirlyn Ramos

When it comes to nail art, inspiration can be found anywhere, from runway fashion to our pets, from high end fashion magazines to wild animals. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter where the inspiration comes from, nail art looks good in just about all color... [read more]

40 Cute Panda Nail Art Designs For Winter

Rose Walker

Being a woman of the modern century, I do believe in looking my prettiest best all the time and hence, thought about sharing some cool panda nail art ideas with you gals as these nail designs look cute and are just perfect to be showcased in winters. With... [read more]