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34 Awesome Cheetah Print Nails

Do you guys sometime feel the need for speed? If you have the wheels, you may get on it and beat the limits, just be careful on the roads though. For some of us who do not have, then we look for something else to satisfy our urges. For an animal like the ... [read more]

40 Creative Animal Print Nail Art To Inspire You

When it comes to nail art, inspiration can be found anywhere, from runway fashion to our pets, from high end fashion magazines to wild animals. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter where the inspiration comes from, nail art looks good in just about all color... [read more]

40 Rocking Zebra Nail Designs

Painted nails are the trend of the day. Women indulge themselves in creating attractive and unique nail art, making their nails a focal point. Nails are something that everyone loves to see, especially if they are painted attractively. Women pay extra att... [read more]

35 Stylish Winter Nail Art Ideas

Every person has a different choice when it comes to seasons. However, most of us are in love with the winter. This season is often a favorite as it brings with it the festive period of Christmas and Halloween. And who doesn’t like festivals, especially t... [read more]