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35 Edgy Matte Black Nail Designs

Matte painting is a pretty simple painting technique if you look at it at first glance. It’s a technique that meticulously removes the shine and glare of a plain color leaving a blunt but tantalizing finish on the applied surface. Basically because of tha... [read more]

40 Stunning Matte Black Nails

They say that having black nail polish, especially for ladies, is not appropriate and not so appealing to the public. Well for me, it kinda is justified because of the common associations with the color black, being bad, evil and everything. However, to e... [read more]

34 Stunning Matte Black Nail Art Designs

They say that colors adds life to the world. Personally, I believe so too considering how I love nature and all its wonders. However, in art, colors are not the only way. Art in black is true art for itself. Its shades add mystery to the subject and depth... [read more]