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35 Ombre Nail Designs

Are you looking for the best ombre nail designs? You bet we have them! Ombré fashion has been the rage of late. We’ve seen ombré hair, ombré fabric, ombré fur, and ombré accessories. And of course, we’re sharing with you some of the best ombré nail design... [read more]

35 Scary Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art Designs

Nail art is the latest fashion trend amongst women today, and why not. Every woman has a right to pamper herself to look as best as she can. Nail art gives a unique and fashionable twist to your regular looking nails. Painted with nail art designs, the na... [read more]

50 Awesome Summer Nail Designs

Summer is fast approaching and you of course want to be prepared for the season perfectly. Summer is the season of warmth and brightness. It is a season of colors all bright and eye catching. Summer 2015 is predicted to witness a rush of colors such as th... [read more]

40 Rocking Zebra Nail Designs

Painted nails are the trend of the day. Women indulge themselves in creating attractive and unique nail art, making their nails a focal point. Nails are something that everyone loves to see, especially if they are painted attractively. Women pay extra att... [read more]

35 Glitter Nail Designs Ideas for Everyday

Nail art is a rage these days. These days, the fashion world and all women in general, do not just think of clothes, footwear and make up, they also pay a lot of attention to the way they decorate their nails. Women like to wear differently adorned nails ... [read more]

40 Fun Nail Ideas for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls have varied and unique choices when it comes to fashion. As a teenage girl, every item you wear is all about showcasing things you love, such as your favorite cartoon, animal or even flowers. Nail art is no exception to the uniquely differen... [read more]