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30 Youthful Tropical Summer Nail Designs

Summer is already here and we can almost smell the beaches and feel the strong breeze of the seas. This season not only encourages us to get out and explore, it also defines the fashion that certainly makes the world even hotter. Nail designing always jiv... [read more]

35 Hot Summer Nail Designs

I know that winter has just started and there is still a long time before we can feel again the summer heat, but I just have to do this post to allow you guys to prepare for “that” season. Summer is characterized by the sun and of course, the beach. This ... [read more]

50 Hot Tropical Nail Art Designs For Summer

The word tropical brings to your mind a flood of images, all about beaches, palm trees, sunsets, and beautiful soothing colors. Tropical theme is quite popular in the fashion world, especially when you are spending your days being scorched by the summer s... [read more]

45 Cute Mint Nail Art Ideas for Summer

Summer is a season where you see various different trends and not just with clothes but with nail art too. Summer is a season where people tend to choose cool and soothing colors for everything. Nail art is no different as women generally prefer applying ... [read more]

50 Creative 3D Nail Art Designs For Summer

Summer is a season of sun and hot weather. The one thing that comes to your mind during summer is every cool thing under the sun, right from ice creams to cool drinks. Again, summer is the season when you finally get a chance to don your shorts and tank t... [read more]

50 Awesome Summer Nail Designs

Summer is fast approaching and you of course want to be prepared for the season perfectly. Summer is the season of warmth and brightness. It is a season of colors all bright and eye catching. Summer 2015 is predicted to witness a rush of colors such as th... [read more]