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38 Refreshing Leaf Nail Designs

Rose Walker

In simple science, we know that plants are alive and well when we see luscious leaves growing from it. In this sense, the leaf symbolizes life itself. It may not be the simplest form of life, but no doubt, it is one of the most artistic and most beautiful... [read more]

50 Hot Tropical Nail Art Designs For Summer

Shirlyn Ramos

The word tropical brings to your mind a flood of images, all about beaches, palm trees, sunsets, and beautiful soothing colors. Tropical theme is quite popular in the fashion world, especially when you are spending your days being scorched by the summer s... [read more]

18 Tropical Nail Art Tutorials For Summer

Shirlyn Ramos

Tropical nails are just the thing to jazz your summers! Yes…I am a big crazy fan of this amazingly chic and sassy nail art and would recommend you all to read this post that showcases the top 18 tropical nail art tutorials that are a zingy blend of fresh ... [read more]