14 Intricate Taurus Nail Art Designs To Inspire Your Mood

by Zel

Check out these detailed Taurus nail art ideas!

Like a bull, you are stubborn and stable. You are mentally tough and physically strong. These traits make you dependable not just in relationships but also in work. You’re down to earth and you possess finely tuned senses. You are perceptive and realistic, too.

14 Intricate Taurus Nail Art Designs To Inspire Your Mood

As a Taurus, you are extremely faithful. You can be highly romantic when it comes to love. You are very cautious when you are dealing with people and life.

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Ruled by the element of Earth, you have an exceptional eye for beauty. Your good taste makes intricate nail art your best choice.

For that reason, allow us to present to you these really cool nail designs to help you showcase your true personality.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Freehand Striping and Taurus Sign

Photo Credit: nailthataccent

Taurus and Emerald in Green Nails

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Taurus Inspired Nail Art with Little Star Decals

Photo Credit: more

Taurus Sign

Photo Credit: nataliciosa

Metallic Greys and Brown Taurus

Photo Credit: naileddaily

Taurus Black and White Block Inverted Nail Art

Photo Credit: gelicnailart

Cool Taurus in Green Nails

Photo Credit: popsugar

Glamarous Taurus in Pearl

Photo Credit: koibitonail

Free Handed Taurus in Black

Photo Credit: Vsale2010

Taurus Nail Art Decals

Photo Credit: etsy

Zodiac Astrology Symbols Black Waterslide Decal Stickers

Photo Credit: etsy

Galaxy Nails with Taurus Symbol

Photo Credit: iuliabeldean

Simple Taurus Nail Art in Blue Glittery Nails

Photo Credit: nailartgallery

Taurus in Yellow and Brown Ombre Nail

Photo Credit: BeaOsaki

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