32 Dashing White And Gold Nails

by Shirlyn Ramos

Remember that time when there was a ruckus in the internet about a particular dress in which the color combo is confusing if it is black and blue or white and gold? That is some weird phenomena alright and also one of the best times in the social media world.

Inspired by that weird dress, we decided to collect the best nail art designs with the white and gold color combo for today. No need to panic guys since nail art does not create such troubling illusion or effect for the eyes, this time it is really white and gold. Usually with these designs, white serves as the base polish while the gold is applied through glitters or textured polish and rendered with the intended patterns.

32 Dashing White And Gold Nails

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White and gold nails are truly glamorous and best fashion meant for the most exclusive parties out there. Be awed by this design technique and get inspiration from the showcased nail art samples lined up for today.

32. Gold Glitters On White Nails

Image Credit: Styletic


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