30 Simple Acrylic Nails


Ladies, are you looking around for simple acrylic nails?

We know we’re not supposed to, but we love our acrylic nails. They make our hands look so good. They always look perfect and look like they’ve been done by a professional. Acrylic nails also help cover up sh*t ass weak nails that easily break or split. And one more thing, pets just love getting scratched with our little acrylic nail babies so much. Maybe it’s because acrylic nails are that much blunter and harder?

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And while animal print and neon colors can be exciting nail choices, simple acrylic nails remain one of our favorites. They look more natural on our hands and they are simply lovely. Just take a look at our collection below. These simple designs totally make one’s hands look good, and very neat and feminine.

These simple designs are ideal for everyday wear to the office or to school. You may attract attention but it will only be of the good kind (unlike if you’re wearing talon nails and you get judged).

Just don’t forget to get your bi-monthly fills and always keep your nails clean. Even if you’ve got these short acrylics, nail hygeine is still important in avoiding an infection.

Check out these simple acrylic nails!

30Very Simple Pink Acrylic Nails

Photo Credit: nailartstyle