38 Striking Modern Nails

by Rose Walker

Modernism is a type of art school that defies classical approach and more emphasis on fluidity and self-expressionism. Although most of the times being depicted as weird or disproportionate, there are some modernistic art that are simple and clean.

Just like today’s sample of nail art, the modern designs. Since the nail canvass is a little bit limited, modern nail art emphasizes on spatial uniformity, minimalism, and layering. The designs that can be found showcased in the world wide web features a lot of concept and patterns, however, once you see it, it is not difficult to agree as to why they are considered modern in nature.

38 Striking Modern Nails

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Check out 38 of the best modern nail art designs here today. We got a lot in store today for everyone’s enjoyment and inspiration.

38. Embellished Holographic Colored Nails

Image Credit: Nails Mag

37. Modern Holographic Nail Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

36. Subtle Tribal Nail Design

Image Credit: Style & Design

35. Stars And Dots Studs On Navy Blue Polish

Image Credit: Ellucy

34. Dried Flowers Nail Art

Image Credit: Elle

33. Minimalist Modern Nails

Image Credit: Fashion

32. Spring Tulip Half Moon Nails

Image Credit: Kelly Pang Nail

31. Chic Marbled Nails

Image Credit: Instagram

30. Studded Nude Nail Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

29. Metallic Braid Nail Design

Image Credit: Instagram

28. Geometric White Coffin Nails

Image Credit: Tumblr

27. Studded Tribal Gel Nails

Image Credit: Instagram

26. Embossed Floral Print Nail Design

Image Credit: Best Nail Art

25. Jeweled Geometry Nail Design

Image Credit: VK

24. Mild Marbled Nude Nails

Image Credit: Instagram

23. Pastel Cosmic Nail Design

Image Credit: The Nailasaurus

22. Single Line Nail Accent

Image Credit: Slodive

21. Leaves Nail Accent On Nude Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

20. Ombre Geometric Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

19. Holographic Nail Pattern Design

Image Credit: Instagram

18. Outline Nail Design

Image Credit: Ink361

17. Minimal Tribal Nail Art

Image Credit: VK

16. Stained Glass Inspired Nails

Image Credit: VK

15. Colorful Graphic Nail Design

Image Credit: Instagram

14. Stylish Beach Nail Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

13. Botanical Design On Oval Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

12. Blue Themed Modern Nails

Image Credit: Fudo Pichi

11. Celestial Nude Nail Design

Image Credit: Instagram

10. Pretty Modern Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

9. Modern Stamping Nail Design

Image Credit: Pro Ladies Tips

8. Embellished Striped Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

7. Golden Strips Nail Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

6. Floral Matte Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

5. Gems And Studs Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

4. Multihued Shimmering Nails

Image Credit: Allure

3. Metallic Nail Accent Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

2. Lovely Shimmering Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

1. White Beach Inspired Gel Nails

Image Credit: Mayamoka

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