30 Stunning Pink And Black Nails

by Rose Walker

Have you ever heard of Avril Lavigne and how she rocked the world with her catchy songs and trendy fashion? If yes, then you probably noticed that in all her fashion statement and ads, there are only two colors that she and her team are always using and damn, the color combination seemed to be created and meant just for her.

The combination of black and pink stereotypically signifies women teen rebellion. It is of course very contrasting where both colors can serve as background shade of the other. In today’s post, we take advantage of this color combination not just for its genius pairing but also to its explosive appeal to the youngsters.

30 Stunning Pink And Black Nails

Black and pink nail art started to gain fame during the time when Avril was dominating the music scene. Because of her, the color combination was known to the world and a lot of nail art designs were created with it. Some of the incorporated designs with these colors are skulls, peace sign, cross, and hearts.

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30 of the best pop emo nail art designs with black and pink motif are currently lined up for you guys below. Enjoy the selection and get wild with it.

30. Chevron Nail Design

Image Credit: Idea Stand


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