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The Best Foot File for At-Home Pedicures

NuyWant to wear those heels but are too shy because of cracked feet? Then, this post is for you. We’ve listed down what we think are the best foot files to give you that fresh and nice-looking feet you’ve always dreamed of. Our Pick: Amope Pedi Perfect El... [read more]

The Best Nail Buffer for Shiny Nails

Most of us put so much focus on wearing nice clothes and smelling good. But, what about your nails? Nails that look unhealthy ruin the look—and while polishes can be a quick fix, we must make sure our nails are in great shape to start with. This is why we... [read more]

The Best Cuticle Lotion: 4 Products to Add to Your Nail Care Routine

Nothing feels as luxurious like having your nails done. But, getting a manicure and a pedicure isn’t just about painting your nails. Your cuticles should be treated, too, to make sure your nails remain healthy as they grow out. Caring for your cuticles do... [read more]

The Benefits of Nail Care (and How to Take Care of Nails at Home)

Your nails are one of those things that can say a lot about you. Though small, your nails can say something about your personality, your beauty standards, and even your personal hygiene. But still, they’re probably the ones you often ignore. You may think... [read more]

Gel Nails vs Shellac: Which One Should You Choose?

Most girls spend a lot of time doing their nails. No, it isn’t just because painting them makes them look pretty. It’s a time to pamper ourselves, too, and sometimes an escape from this stressful world. If you love doing things to your nails, you’re proba... [read more]

The Best Nail Glue Every Nail Junkie Must Have

We know that not all of us are blessed with long and strong nails. Most of us need to take vitamins for that. So, when there’s an occasion and we want to look and feel good, wearing fake nails is the answer. But, buying fake nails isn’t enough. You need a... [read more]

11 Easy Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is a habit most children and teenagers are guilty of. If you’re an adult who still bites his nails, it probably started when you were younger and just didn’t know how to stop. It can sometimes be a sign of mental or emotional stress. This is u... [read more]

The Best Toenail Clippers Everyone Should Have

We all know how important personal hygiene is. This is why we were taught to clip our nails regularly. Dirt can easily get trapped inside our nails so keeping them short prevents bacteria from spreading even further. It’s also a good way to prevent fungus... [read more]

4 Best Glitter Nail Polish for Any Occasion

Humans have always been attracted to sparkly objects. Scientists say it’s because they reflect our need for water. So, it makes sense that we also want our nails to be shiny. But, are you confident the glitter nail polish in your drawer is the best out th... [read more]

The 4 Best Fake Nails to Buy For Any Occasion

People use fake nails for two different reasons. Some use them to be a little “extra” in parties. For others, they use them to hide imperfections in their nails. But whatever your reason is, we know that quality and performance are your top priorities whe... [read more]