40 Sassy Toe Nail Ideas

by Shirlyn Ramos

There had been already quite a number of good posts in this website however we didn’t even have the chance to showcase a collection solely for toe nails. I mean, toe nails are of the same material with finger nails right? And I bet they are also hungry for art much like their cousins residing in the upper extremities. Well, I guess this time is the right time.

Toe nail designs basically almost have the same “arsenal” as with the finger nails but rendered with more difficulty because of the size and higher exposure to damage. However, when correctly done, toes get to be highlighted like Christmas. Designs can easily be appreciated and flaunted since there are less competition within the feet area. Toe nail art designs can be done to compliment a favored footwear or may accentuate it further. Nail arts done in toes are automatically considered cute because of their sizes and are to become amazing once carried perfectly by the person having it.

40 Sassy Toe Nail Ideas
40 Sassy Toe Nail Ideas

So, when you’re planning to go to the beach or just want to go walking on flip-flops, I suggest you get your toe nails done first and apply art into it. I promise you, your walks will never be the same.

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Here are the 40 Sassy Toe Nail Ideas for every trendsetter out there!

40. Native Aztec Toe Nails

40 Sassy Toe Nail Ideas
40 Sassy Toe Nail Ideas

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