42 Classy White Nail Art Ideas

by Shirlyn Ramos

They say that when you’re having dilemmas on choosing what to wear for an occasion or selecting the best outfit for a party, going for whites is the easiest way out. You can never go wrong with white because, if you ask me, there is nothing to be judged in the 1st place.

Wearing white has also been a “go to” choice in nail polishing. White polish dictates simplicity and elegance. Now, with the innovation of nail arts, having white polish is no longer enough. Nail art put the class back to white. There are a lot of classy nail art samples out there to choose. You may see an accent design, or beaded nails on a white background. Some also put jewels and glitters on nails forming designs like diamonds, flowers, or mandalas. There are also traditional or common designs out there that were painted on white background.

42 Classy White Nail Art Ideas

I won’t spoil the fun by having to describe all designs in line for you guys here. Enjoy these 42 Classy White Nail Art Ideas collection and go out there and have some pure white fun.

42. Mandala Print On Matte White Nails

Image Credit: Styletic


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