30 Easy Christmas Nails For Beginners

by Zel

Naildesigners, are you looking for easy Christmas nails that don’t need pro skills?

If you searched the net for the best Christmas nail designs, you might have found a gazillion awesome nail art to try. However, if you’re just a beginner who hasn’t been doing nail art for a long time, you might find that these designs are advanced after all and look better onscreen than on your nails at the moment.

30 Easy Christmas Nails For Beginners

Every veteran nail artist started as a beginner so worry not! If you keep on practicing and following free nail tutorials, you will soon ramp up your skills. The secret is to never stop trying and learning from all the free resources on the Internet, from friends, and from shared interest groups in social media.

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In the meantime, we’ve collected easy Christmas nails that you can try. You’ll find that these designs often have a single nail polish color with maybe just a bit of accent, a simple nail design, or applied with glitter.

Don’t forget. Practice makes perfect!

29. Pretty Green Polish with Christmas Tree Nails

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