15 Patriotic Flag Nails Flag Day Holiday

by Shirlyn Ramos

Happy Flag Day, beauties!

June 14 of every year is celebrated as Flag Day in the US. On this day, we commemorate our country’s flag, one of the most important symbols of our country and our freedom.

15 Patriotic Flag Nails Flag Day Holiday

If you’re joining a Flag Day parade or simply feeling patriotic, you can show off by dressing up your nails with awesome flag designs. If you think there’s only one way to dress up your nails for Flag Day, then you’re super wrong.

Check out our designs below. We’ve got sequins, glitter polish, abstract designs, polka dots, matte blues, bright reds, vivid blues and camo print to name just a few innovations apart from the classic US flag design.

Don’t forget to complete your fashion statement by pairing your flag nails with the rest of your outfit. We personally liked the camo design and it went great with most outfits and accessories.

15. Luring Nails in US Flag

Photo Credit: bulleuw


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