40 Simple Nail Designs For Short Nails


Today we’re featuring simple nail designs for short nails.

Many women wear their nails short. Half the time, it is by choice. After all, it’s easier to hold and do stuff without long nails getting in the way.

With short nails, you don’t need to be scared of accidentally scratching somebody or breaking a nail. For women with kids, it’s just the most practical choice because it’s easier to get the laundry done and do the cooking with trimmed nails.

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Half the time though, women would love to have long nails but can’t. It can be a work policy, like for nurses working in hospitals or chefs working in professional kitchens, or school rules for those who are still studying.

Whatever the case, don’t despair! There are a ton of awesome nail designs for people with short nails. We’ve previously featured voguish nail art ideas for short nails but in this set, we’re featuring simple nail designs for short nails.

38Navy and Gold Designs for Short Nails

Photo Credit: fashionlady