40 Pretty Nail Colors You Can’t Miss

by Zel

Pretty nail colors are very addictive for women who do nail art. Some people collect stamps, dead insects, or Harry Potter Books, but some women collect tubs of magical nail polish color.

And there so many to choose from! From matte to sparkly to all manner of color, hue, and shine. Paired with the perfect nail design, you can totally make a bold statement with your nail art.

40 Pretty Nail Colors You Can’t Miss

Did you know? There are some colors that best fit you. You want pretty nail colors that complement not only your sense of style, but also your skin tone and hand shape.

For example, light skin tones look great in pinkish nude, orange-red, peachy-pink, deep grape, and intense sky blue. On the other hand, dark skin tones would do well to try bright fuchsias, dark purple, cobalt, sheer beige, and deep red.

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Check out our pretty nail colors below and see which ones would suit you best.

40. Disco Light Effect Pretty Nail Colors

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