50 Bright and Happy Sunflower Nails

by Zel

Do you need a nail design that will make you and other people happy? If you do, you should check out our super fun collection of sunflower nails.

The bright yellow blooms that are always facing and trailing the sun are quite literally named after their sun-like appearance. When people think of sunflowers, we automatically think of summer, warmth, happiness, cheer, power, and positivity. In Greek myth, the tale of the sunflower is the story of Clytie who loved Apollo so much that she kept looking at him as he passed in the sky. She did this for nine days without food and water until she turned into a flower.

50 Bright and Happy Sunflower Nails

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The story might be sad but it’s the romantic story of unconditional love. The sunflower’s message to us is also to stand tall and follow your dreams. Don’t dwell on the negatives. Always look to the positives and don’t let people get you down. Cheer up!

We hope our collection of sunflower nail designs cheer you up, NailDesigners!

49. Delectable Black and Yellow Nail Art

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