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30 Heaven Sent Feather Nail Designs

Shirlyn Ramos

There are things in this world in which no matter how we look at it or how it is presented to us, it will still look awesome and cool. If I may to give examples, I’ll go with cherry blossoms, clouds, and falling autumn leaves. What is common to these amaz... [read more]

40 Creative Feather Nail Art Ideas

Rose Walker

Feathers carry deep meanings for many, right from the Native Americans to Christians. Feathers are in general believed to be sacred and carrying spiritual powers within. Birds are a symbol of freedom and hence feathers of these birds are often associated ... [read more]

20 Stylish Feather Nail Art Tutorials

Rose Walker

Feather nail art is and will always be in fashion as these nails lend charm and a unique look to a woman. There are many nail salons these days that offer exclusive feather nail designs, some of which may be simple in look, while a few would be over the t... [read more]