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30 Stunning Floral Designs For Nails

For the ladies, nail polish or even without the polish, nails should always look fresh. Most of the time, dull nails lead too dull life and that is the very reason why nail parlors are born– to bring back the lives of dull women. One way to make sure that... [read more]

40 Gorgeous Flowers On Nails Designs

Flowers bring smiles not just for the “in loves” but to every human capable of feeling. It is the ultimate gesture of caring for someone other than yourself. Flowers on nails are good decision among the nail art enthusiasts and artists themselves. The flo... [read more]

35 2D Yet Sassy Floral Nail Art Ideas

Flower is always synonymous to beauty. One or way or another, the sight of a flower calms the human mind and entices good emotions. Painting flowers into one’s nails I believed has long been practiced even before the concept of nail art got popularized. I... [read more]

40 Captivating 3D Floral Nail Art Designs

Normally we see good nail polishes that out there by having the best color combinations matching the characteristic of the bearer. Recently, these nail polish designs are being intensified by art, tedious and detailed nail arts. With nail art, finger and ... [read more]

50 Creative Rose Nails Designs

Rose nails are your only way to look sensuous gals! Do you want to see an amazing round up on gorgeous rosy nails? Well, if you are someone who loves the passionate feel of the flower ‘rose’, and wishes to embellish your nails with glamorous rose nail art... [read more]

35 Floral Nail Art Ideas for Girls

Flowers are a favorite of every girl and they use it at every possible occasion or place that they can. From weddings to a simple party, you may want to use flowers however and wherever you can. You may not necessarily carry flowers in your hands, but the... [read more]