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30 Lovely Lace Nail Designs

Designs for nail art comes from all sorts of inspiration. The basic reference would be the color wheel of course, also events and seasons, then accessories used in the real world. That being said, at these times, no one can ever say that there is not one ... [read more]

20 Gorgeous Lace Nail Art Tutorials

Lace nail art looks not just classy but charming too and makes you stand out in a crowd. Gone are the days when you would just manicure your nails with simple colors and zoom out of your houses to office or party. Now days, manicurists are coming up with ... [read more]

45 Elegant Lace Nail Art Designs For You

Women are all about accentuating their femininity and romantic side through various means. It may be gorgeous clothes to beautiful accessories to sexy lingerie. When women think about sexy lingerie, it is more or less those slinky lacy garments that are a... [read more]