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51 Gorgeous 4th Of July Nails Designs

Independence Day is one that allows you to pour out the patriotism you have for your country. The fourth of July is one day when you can do just that! You could dress all you like in the American colors of blue, red, and white. It is one day you get to sh... [read more]

40 Creative Music Nail Art Ideas

Music is like the food for your soul, and I’m sure you’ve heard many of the famous pop icons recite this. People who love music tend to inculcate music in every aspect of their lives, be it a daily jog or a rock concert to attend. Whatever it may be, the ... [read more]

40 Gorgeous Rainbow Nail Art Ideas

If putting different colors on the nails is your kind of stuff, here is dedicating today’s post that showcases 40 rainbow nail art ideas that would help you dab on as many shades as you wish on your pretty manicured nails. For such girls that don’t like s... [read more]

40 Amazing Butterfly Nail Art Ideas

Butterflies are probably the most beautiful and wonderful creatures on our earth. Butterflies are especially a favorite with women in general. They make up a design that would look beautiful and attractive no matter where they are used. It may be the prin... [read more]

33 Matte Nail Art Designs for Girls

Everything that we use generally stays popular for a certain period of time. Similar is the case with the fashion industry where things go in and out of fashion. One thing that is affected by this phenomenon in the fashion industry is nail paints. There h... [read more]

35 Fantastic Star Nail Art Ideas

Fashion for women has evolved a great deal in the last few years. Although some of the things were common and carried on since olden times, such as nail paint, a few things have evolved only over the last few years. Today is the trend of nail art and uniq... [read more]

35 Stylish Winter Nail Art Ideas

Every person has a different choice when it comes to seasons. However, most of us are in love with the winter. This season is often a favorite as it brings with it the festive period of Christmas and Halloween. And who doesn’t like festivals, especially t... [read more]

40 Inspiring Polka Dot Nail Art Designs

Polka dots nail art has become very popular lately. This type of nail art is easy, fun and looks great. Another wonderful thing about polka dot nails is that you don’t need any special tools; it can be done at home using a toothpick or a bobby pin. It may... [read more]

33 Amazing Nail Art Ideas For Small Nails

Nail art is a fashion trend that can be traced as back as 3000 BC, when the Egyptian Queens used it for decorating their nails. The colors worn by the queens set them apart while men in ancient Babylonian era painted their nails for distinguishing their s... [read more]

35 Cool Hello Kitty Nail Art Ideas

Hello kitty is synonymous with all things cute and girlish. There’s hardly any girl out there who haven’t had an obsession with this lovely Japanese feline at some point in life. In fact hello kitty stuff is all the rage with young girls and teens too. Re... [read more]