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30 Youthful Tropical Summer Nail Designs

Summer is already here and we can almost smell the beaches and feel the strong breeze of the seas. This season not only encourages...

35 Hot Summer Nail Designs

I know that winter has just started and there is still a long time before we can feel again the summer heat, but I...

34 Exhilarating Summer Toe Nail Designs

I know it’s a bit late on the theme but since I just started to love writing for this site, let me offer you...

50 Awesome Summer Nail Designs

Summer is fast approaching and you of course want to be prepared for the season perfectly. Summer is the season of warmth and brightness....

20 Rocking Nail Art Tutorials For Summer

The post that I am going to write today is dedicated to all gals that would love to learn a little something about summer...

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