15 Easy Wedding Nail Art Tutorials For 2015


Are you soon entering into holy matrimony with the sweetheart you love and wish to spend the rest of your life together? If yes, I, as your well wisher and friend would advice you to get your nails manicured with the latest nail art trends meant for brides. A wedding is a life changing event for girls and every woman wants to look her prettiest best on this special day. From choosing the bridal wear to decking up with the choicest of jewelry, brides these days are choosing gorgeous wedding nail art as well. Bridal nail art has assumed such importance that a wedding is said to be incomplete without a bride who flaunts chiseled nails. Hence, to ease your worries, I have brought forth a post that will showcase the top 15 wedding nail art tutorials for this year. Lets see and feast our eyes on these gorgeous nail tutorials.

1. Beach wedding nails for 2015

This Bridal nail art suits such gals that are having a beach wedding. One needs to have a base coat polish, skin toned polish and a few other bright colors to make bikini prints on the nails. Quite easy to do, you simply need to apply the base coat, dry up and then apply the skin shade. Once dried, you can use a fine brush and dip it in different nail paints to make the bikinis. Now, with a toothpick or any other dotting tool, make dots in white.

Wedding Nail Art

Image credit: beachbride

2. Caviar bridal nails

Caviar nails as the one seen in the image looks elegant and gorgeous. It is trendy and suits such brides who will be wearing a beautiful sequined gown on their wedding day. It can be done easily using usual nail paints like skin shades and small beads to give a textured look. One can DIY easily and this wedding nail art is quite affordable.

Bridal Nail Art

Image credit: cardinalbridal

3. Sparkling DIY nails for brides

Sparkling nails as this one looks amazing and is perfect for a wedding. One can DIY this easily using skin nail polish, a transparent coat and a little bit of silver sparkles or glitter to add shine and glamor. This nail art is pretty simple and is economical too.

Bridal Nail Art

Image credit: beautyfrizz

4. Easy floral nail art for brides

For getting these lovely and elegant nails, ladies needn’t scale mountains as this nail art is pretty simple and can be done using skin nail polish, a transparent polish for top coat, white nail paint for the tips and flower patterns seen designed on two nails. Using a dotting tool or a brush, the white flowers can be drawn. The design looks marvelous and suits every woman.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image credit: simplenailsdesigns

5. Elegant lace bridal nails

Lace nail art is perhaps the prettiest of all bridal nail art and is quite simple to be done even at home. One simply needs to have real lace of any color and design, some nail paint, and if need be, stones too can be thrown in to add more chicness. Seen below is beautiful lacy nail art for which one would need white nail polish, grayish white lace and rhinestones. After a coat or two of white nail paint, directly apply the lace on the nails without drying them up. Once the lace has fitted nicely, paste the stones for creating a glam look.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image credit: madeforpakistan

6. Simple ring accent bridal nails

For a more sober and elegant look on your wedding day, the ring accent bridal nails as seen below will just be perfect. One needn’t go overboard when designing her nails with this nail art as the most important item needed here is a regular tape and a tiny stone or a jewel. One need not paint her nails with any polish. Simply cut a golden colored tape in the form of a ring and stick it on your nails using glue. Once dry, paste a small jewel as seen here.

Nail Tutorials

Image credit: buzzfeed

7. Bridal Emerald green plaid nail art

Though this nail art looks quite complex, in reality, its very easy to be done. You need to paint two of your nails as in the image, with frosty golden nail paint. For the others, paint them with a base coat nail polish, two stripper brushes, one in white and the other in black. Make horizontal and vertical white stripes using the brush. Once dry, make black stripes as in the image. Now, if you wish, you can add glitter lines too. Seal this wedding nail art with a top coat.

Bridal Nail Art

Image credit: leadingladymakeup

8. Bridal glitter ombre nail art

For getting these gorgeous green nails that seem to shimmer with glittery bits, you needn’t break your back as it is simple to do. All you need are a few things like a base coat polish, green nail paint and some glitter. You can try using your eye shadow to sprinkle some glitter over the nails too. Once your nails have been painted with green shade, you need to take a piece of sponge and sprinkle some glitter on it. Now, stick the sponge on your nails and see the glitter all over.

Wedding Nail Art

Image credit: lexingtoncommonsassociation

9. Bridal pastel ombre nails

Pastels are a darling color to grace every bride’s nails and this nail art is really quite easy to be done. Firstly, take a sponge and a toothpick. Spread out two nail paints on the surface like shown below. Mix these with the toothpick. Smear the sponge over the mixed colors and apply on the nails.

Nail Tutorials

Image credit: buzzfeed

10. Half-moon bridal glitter nails

For this nail art, you would need a few stickers, two different shades of nail paints like soft pink as in the image, and a golden glittery nail paint. Apply the glittery paint over the nails. Once dried, put the stickers on the lower part or the base of each nail. Then, apply the pink shade over the moon of the nails. Let the nails dry, and then pull off the stickers. Seal the design with a transparent coat of polish.

Nail Tutorials

Image credit: thewomanslounge

11. Mixed metal manicure for brides

Metallic colors look grand and for this metallic golden nail art, you would start with layering your nails with a nude or clear nail paint. Once dried, apply a golden metallic paint in two coats. Let the nails dry. Then, dip the nail brush into a gel paint and make droplets on the nail as shown. For the other nails, stick a tape towards the lower part and then layer the whole nail with another coat of golden metallic color. Once almost dry, pull off the tape to get the gorgeous metallic look!

Nail Tutorials

Image credit: thebeautydepartment

12. Bridal opal nail art

To get this beautiful nail art, all you need is a base coat of nude shade or clear tone polish, a brush and a few bottles of Ricky Color pastel opal mini collection. Layer your nails with the nude paint. Once dry, dip your brush into the various nail paints and apply random strokes all over the nails. Let these dry and then apply a coat of glittery nail paint.

Bridal Nail Art

Image credit: glamorable

13. Purple flower French manicure for brides

The nail art as seen in the image will work wonders to any bride’s style as it involves a simple design that gets a glam look, courtesy the purple shade applied on the flowers. On the French tips that are painted with white nail polish are imprinted small dots, bordering the half moon of the nails. For this easy nail art, you can simply apply a base coat of transparent nail paint and once dry, paint the tips with white. Now take a toothpick and make dots. For the flowers, use a fine brush that is dipped in purple shade. Let the flowers dry, then stick some glitter over the flowers. Lastly, stick a stone in the middle of the flower. That’s it and you are ready to rock!

Bridal Nail Art

Image credit: nailartmania

14. Peaches and cream bridal nails

Peach and cream shades work wonders to a bride’s style and quite easy to do too! All you need is a peach nail paint (here the lady is wearing one by MAC); a stripper brush to make white stripes as seen and a bottle of golden glitter polish. Coat your nails with peach nail color. Once dry, take the stripper brush to make the vertical design. At the end, take the brush and apply a bit of glitter polish as in the image.

Bridal Nail Art

Image credit: leadingladymakeup

15. Tiny polka dots Bridal nails

Polka dots are much adored by everyone that wants to look chic. For this nail art, you simply need to paint your nails with a base coat of light blue nail polish. Once dry, you can use a sharpie or any other dotting tool to make white dots as seen in the image below.

Nail Tutorials

Image credit: alyceparis

How did you like the fabulous nail art tutorials showcased above? I am sure all these nail tutorials must have made an impact as these are not merely gorgeous in appearance but are quite simple to do. A bride can sit at home and get her nails painted with any of the chic and trendy wedding nail art that requires no more than a few bottles of your ordinary nail polish and readily available tools like brush, sharpie, glitter and tape. Read the nail tutorials well and do come back with your precious comments.