30 Attractive Water Marble Nails


Ever seen a marble with colors? If yes, ever wonder how marbles were created and how the colors were trapped inside that spherical glass? The mystery indeed makes marble a thing that fascinates children up to these days.

Colors on marble has a distinct design that art is so eager to replicate and show. In nail art, these phenomenon create some of the best designs nails can have. The swirls and color combinations are just so unique that if one see painted nails with this, they’ll definitely be amazed of its hypnotizing beauty. Sometimes patterns are evident in every nail while most of time, they are just swirls of random awesomeness.

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Water marble nails are like candies that are irresistible to have. Be sure to find the best artist that can create the design that you want since this design cannot be done by mere apprentice. It is complicated however the result is simply amazing that one cannot pass on to.

Take a look at these 30 Attractive Water Marble Nails! For further creative nail art, you may check the 40 Stunning Nail Ombre Designs.

30Water Marble Over Gradient Nails

Image Credit: Copycat Claws